Vibhu Agarwal

Python Enthusiast | Full-Stack Developer

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About Me

Hello, world!
I am Vibhu Agarwal.
Currently an undergraduate at JIIT, Noida.
I usually like to work behind the scenes websites and applications.
Love to explore birds and rainbow services in clouds.
Always up for a conversation about new technologies and exciting projies.
Keep scrolling, we might end up having a mutual interest :)

Work Experience

Viga Studios

Back-end Developer, Intern

1. Designed database model and created APIs for a Movie- Asset storage and management system (MERN stack)
2. Managed dynamic user-data, created SDL for APIs and wrote queries (MongoDB FTS and Aggregation Framework)
3. Created Data Analytics software to derive insights from the data of movies (inspired from Kibana and MongoDB charts)
4. Developed Single-Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate different services offered by Viga Studios (Django)
5. Created Spiders for crawling websites to scrape data (Scrapy Framework)

Engineering Team Lead

1. Containerized back-end applications (Docker) and deployed the same on Google-Cloud-Run
2. Created CI/CD pipelines using GitHub and TravisCI
3. Reviewed code, resolving conflicts and bugs on the project

Creesync Software

Back-end Developer, Intern

1. Developed Back-end for GoldGali, an e-commerce website
2. Integrated Payment Gateway through Razorpay and Developed APIs to interact with the local Database
3. Adopted TDD, worked on REST framework - Restructured APIs and managed Databases (Postgresql, MySQL, Sqlite) and migrations
4. Worked with GCP and AWS for compute and storage options


Content Writing Intern

1. Wrote 10 articles explaining about DataClasses (Python3.7), API Development, Web Scraping and Flask Framework
2. Improved many existing articles by adding Python3 codes or debugging them

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Internity Foundation

Machine Learning Intern

1. Studied several Machine Learning Algorithms and their implementations through minor projects on relatively small datasets
2. As a team, I worked on Stock-Market-Predictor project which used ARIMA model, RNNs and LSTMs on Stock Market Dataset and made different models to identify the trends and time-series forecasting
3. Got the title of 'Challenge Acceptor' among 17 interns

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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida

August, 2017 - May, 2022

Integrated B.Tech. and M.Tech. in Computer Science

St.Joseph's College, Allahabad




A full-fledged social networking platform developed for movie enthusiasts
✔ Cross-Platform (Android/iOS) Mobile application.
✔ Made with React-Native and Expo.
✔ Django-based back-end and RESTful APIs.
✔ Separate Database (PostgreSQL).
✔ Object Storage for storing media data (AWS S3).

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Hit-Me-News (Voice First App)

An app which keeps you updated about the latest headlines.
✔ Interactive Voice First App or an "Alexa Skill".
✔ Provides dynamic content (latest news).
✔ News Headlines are categorical, based on data from user-interaction.
✔ Scrapes the websites for News Headlines.
✔ Alexa triggered AWS-Lambda Back-end.

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MOSPI - Website

Website for Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI)
Developed at Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2019
✔ A Django powered Website
✔ Generate Template Sheets for each hierarchy at Ministry
✔ Automate the task of reading raw data from excel sheets.
✔ Make calculations of GVA and other parameters.
✔ Report statements and view insights through Charts and Graphs.


Attendance Management through Face Recognition

A python based Desktop App to manage Attendance in an Institute
✔ Real Time Face Detection and Recognition
✔ Separate Dedicated Panels for Manager and Students.
✔ Add new Batches and Students in Manager Panel
✔ Capture Images for Training Data
✔ Automated Attendance Register maintainance in Excel Sheets

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Marauders Website

A Website made for Marauders, an organization.
✔ Python Microframework, Flask powered Website
✔ SQL Database - SQLite
Github OAuth Integration for Authorization and Authentication
✔ External APIs to provide Marauders' data to other developers

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Automated Facebook Posting via Speech to Text

A python script to post on Facebook
✔ Speech to Text using API
✔ Browser Automation using selenium module

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Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

Highly modified version of ordinary tic-tac-toe game
A Desktop App made in Java
✔ 9 individual mini boards contained within 1 main board
✔ Constrained moves within the main board
✔ Advantages and Penalties
✔ Overall lesser tied results

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Tools & Technologies

Organizations I've been involved with

Developer Student Clubs

Technical Coordinator

-- Mentored students in front-end (HTML, CSS, JS) Workshop [September, 2018]
-- Organized Back-end (PHP) Development workshop [October, 2018]
-- Organized Dev Fest 2k18 - Tech. Talks and Hackathon [November, 2018]
-- Organized PWA and Flutter Workshops [January-March, 2019]
-- Organized Website Designing Competition [April 21, 2019]
-- Cloud Study Jam Facilitator [October, 2019]
-- Explore ML Workshop Facilitator [November, 2019]

Qwiklabs & Google Developers' Group

GCP Quest Leader

-- Completed over 70 labs and 5 quests on the platform.
-- Co-hosted Cloud Study Jams to help students get hands-on training on Google Cloud Platform.
-- Delivered a talk on GCP Essentials at Google Cloud Program held at JIIT, Noida, attended by over 300 students across Delhi-NCR region.

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